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Ushering in a New Era in Precision Oncology

At Turning Point Therapeutics, we are driven to bring differentiated therapies to patients with cancer as rapidly as possible. Our team--including our deep expertise in drug development and design--allow us to do precisely that.

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A ‘turning point’ marks a significant and decisive change. When it comes to oncology treatments, this is exactly what patients with cancer require.

At Turning Point Therapeutics, we aspire to catalyze a turning point for patients during their cancer treatment journey. By targeting the genetic drivers of the disease, we hope to realize our mission and usher in the type of medicines that will truly make a difference in patients’ lives. Therefore, we relentlessly pursue new and innovative therapies.

We match structure-based design with tumor biology expertise to create drug candidates that target pathways at the crux of cancer growth and progression. Our lead programs are tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) designed to be smaller, more compact and more precise than currently approved therapies, helping overcome treatment resistance commonly associated with the drug class.

This includes our lead therapeutic candidate repotrectinib, a TKI being evaluated in an ongoing Phase 1/2 trial for both TKI-naïve and TKI-pretreated patients with ROS1+ advanced NSCLC and NTRK+ advanced solid tumors.


Turning Point’s vision is to be the leader in precision oncology. Our collective experience in biotechnology drug development and commercialization, structure-based design, medicinal chemistry and cancer biology helps us rapidly develop differentiated drug candidates.

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