Independent Medical Education

Turning Point Therapeutics is committed to supporting high quality, unbiased, evidence based independent education through grants to advance excellence in medicine and healthcare and improve patient outcomes by enhancing the knowledge of the medical community.

Independent Medical Education (IME) is defined as education for healthcare professionals (HCPs) provided by an independent educational provider, such as a community hospital, academic center, society/association, or medical education company.

Turning Point Therapeutics will consider grants based on our funding priorities below. Importantly, submission of educational proposals that meet educational objectives and requirements does not guarantee approval nor that a grant will be awarded. Responsibility and control over the selection, content, faculty, educational methods, materials, and venue for an independent medical education event belongs solely to the educational provider. To inquire further please reach out to

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Scientific/Clinical Topics of Interest

Turning Points Therapeutics will consider funding requests for the following disease areas:

Scientific/Clinical Topics of Interest

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