Investigator Sponsored Research

In alignment with our commitment to scientific innovation and areas of unmet medical need, Turning Point Therapeutics may provide product and/or funding support for Investigator Sponsored Research.

Turning Point Therapeutics encourages the submission of scientifically sounds and innovative research proposals by qualified medical and research professionals for:

  • Clinical Investigator Sponsored Research
  • Non-clinical Investigator Sponsored Research
  • Research Collaborations

Our goal is to advance medical and scientific knowledge through Investigator-Sponsored research. This global program is open to all investigators who are interested in receiving support for conducting their own research.

Investigator-Sponsored Research may:

  • Expand the understanding of our scientific platforms
  • Expand the potential clinical utility of our drug candidates
  • Improve patient care and provide new ideas for additional research
  • Provide an opportunity to interested academic and community-based investigators to conduct research with support from Turning Point Therapeutics

Turning Point Therapeutics research support is awarded on a highly competitive basis, considering scientific rigor, innovation, ethics, methodological and statistical considerations, patient safety, and the ability to generate data in alignment with Turning Point Therapeutics’ strategic priorities as listed below.

How to Apply

Turning Point Therapeutics invites applications for Investigator Sponsored Research in a two-step application process beginning with an overall concept submission and if approved, by a formal protocol and budget submission. 

Turning Point Therapeutics will consider Investigator Sponsored Research based on our funding priorities below. Importantly, submission of Investigator Sponsored Research concepts that meet research objectives does not guarantee approval nor that a funding and/or product will be awarded. To inquire further please reach out to

Apply Here

Learn more about Repotrectinib and TPX-0022.

Funding Priorities

Turning Point Therapeutics will consider research proposals in the following areas of interest.

Non-clinical and Clinical Interests for Repotrectinib: New indications, drug combinations, and ways to differentiate repotrectinib from other ROS1 and TRK inhibitors

Non-clinical and Clinical Interests for Repotrectinib 

Non-clinical and Clinical Interests for TPX-0022: New indications, drug combinations, ways to evaluate CSF1R targeting, and ways to differentiate TPX-0022 from other MET inhibitors

Non-clinical and Clinical Interests for TPX-0022

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